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World Knowledge

  • There are others in the world with superhuman capabilities.
  • The man at the Hospital of Geneva North is Rupert Connors and knows Baron King by name. He is working with someone to capture King, but their attempt was foiled with the assistance of an unknown female with powers who the crew later learned was a member of The Union.
  • The little girl at the house of Leto’s parents, Twyla, turned out to be either an illusion in some capacity or completely able to mask her actual whereabouts.
  • Worried about the well-being of her family, Aurélie used her ESP capabilities to check on her father and each of her siblings. They all appeared to be safe.
  • We have two coordinates on business cards, each somewhere over the Pacifica Ocean. Per Aurélie’s calculations, if an object traveled between the coordinates from the time the first was received to when the second was, it could have moved somewhere in the vicinity of a mountain peak in the Alberta province of Canada.
  • Rupert Connors, Twyla, and Radisson Tallesse are now dead and disposed of.
  • The General wishes to forcibly make the world more inviting to people with superpowers. He has taken Aurélie, Baron, and Leto to his base, The Marinas Dome, located at the bottom of the deepest point of the Pacifica Ocean.

Personal Knowledge

The group has discovered the lengths to which they have extraordinary powers, and to some extent, the limits of those powers.

Aurélie de Steiger

After meeting with Professeur Ansermet, I am glad to have been finally able to discuss the amazing defiances of the laws of physics I have thus far encountered.

Professeur Ansermet is obviously shaken by this knowledge and the rate at which I presented it to him, but he seemed glad that I’m okay and took diligent notes concerning our quantitative tests.

I am wondering how long it will be until EPFL attempts to contact me following the LHC incident. It seems in some capacity my fate has been accepted. My father and siblings seem blissfully unaware that I was involved in the LHC disaster, and as such have not attempted to contact me. I expect as much from father and Lucien.

I presume The General’s base is at the coordinates given on one of the business cards.

Having met The General, I was a bit wary of his methods. How could someone be so reckless with human life? Surely The General should take responsibility for his involvement in the brutal murder of Baron’s father. However, despite my better judgment and the advice of my robot companions, I am morbidly curious what The General’s plan is all about. Having stepped into The Marinas Dome, my scientific side is screaming to explore everything about the place and ask as many questions as possible.

After spending some time with The General, I have concluded that while his methods have been questionable in the past, that he is genuinely interested in the societal acceptance of metahumans.

Leto seems to share this sentiment, but he is far more reckless. It often takes all the reasoning I can muster to convince myself being his ally is for the greater good. He is a powerful force, and while ultimately unpredictable, he has so far been trustworthy.

Baron is difficult to read. I cannot tell if he has resolved in his mind that The General had no active or passive part in the death of his father, as clear as it may seem to me.

My exploration of the central Marinas Dome Supercomputer yielded a LOT of information about the layout of The Marinas Dome and the three of us. There were curiously no records of Tim. Following his capture, records of Tim appeared, with basic information about his abilities.

Upon further investigation, my history with the LHC appears largely engineered. There were also records pertaining to Professeur Ansermet. Having heard Tim and High Justice discuss the Lieutenant’s exploration of the curiously radioactive LHC site, I now know there was at least one more saboteur involved in the destruction of the LHC.

Aurélie’s Family

  • Abilities
    • Summoning of two curious robot companions
      • The smaller of the two is called Mork and the larger is Mindy.
      • Both are sentient and express a level of loyalty to her.
      • Both are capable of constructing and upgrading themselves unconventionally by means of adding electronic and mechanical parts to their own structure.
      • Aurélie can communicate mentally with her robot companions.
    • Electricity Control
      • By sheer force of will, Aurélie can spark a flash of light to temporarily blind a target.
      • Teleportation (by means of digital media such as phones or cable)
        • She is capable of transporting a amount of mass with her. A quantitative analysis of her capacity with the help of Professeur Jean-Philippe Ansermet has determined her maximum capacity was exactly 250 lbs. Aurélie has since extended the limits of her capacity and can carry somewhere close to 20,000 lbs. of cargo with her through an electric or digital medium.
        • Her maximum distance has yet to be determined. She knows she can go from her professeur’s office at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland to Freedom City, Ohio. She can very likely travel half the circumference of the planet in mere milliseconds.
      • Datalink
        • She is capable of interfacing with computers and other machines remotely, and even control them.
    • Extra-sensory perception through her robot companions and digital media

Baron King

Baron will be the new Duke of Pentages after the man in the red metal suit, Rupert Connors, executed his father. Baron’s sadness is slowly turning to rage at this mysterious individual.

  • Abilities
    • Kinetic Energy Control
      • Can make ranged attacks of kinetic energy
    • Telekinesis
      • Can affect things as if he had a 40 strength
    • Speed
      • max speed 1,000,000 mph
    • Paralyze
      • Can slow people down or incapacitate them
    • Deflect
      • Can slow down projectiles
    • Flight
      • max speed 500 mph
    • Immunity
      • Poison
      • Critical Hits
    • Mind Shield (rank 4)

Leto Hawkins

  • Abilities
    • Gravity Control

Tim Reynolds

  • Abilities
    • Life Control

What We Know So Far

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