A More Perfect Race

Height of Diplomacy

Granted the opportunity of an audience with Tim, the Lieutenants are asked to investigate the LHC incident site as a favor to High Justice.

Sunday Afternoon— Telemetry Unified high rise office building

  • Discussion with Charles about Justice, and offer him a position
  • Meets High Justice
  • Agree to terms of meeting with Tim — Favor for Justice, Justice sits in on meeting
  • Helicopter lands on building roof
  • Aurélie de Steiger arrives at The Marinas Dome, speaks with The General about dismantling and re-use. Enters robotics lab to repair Mindy & Mork. Submits requisition for hazmat suits and radioactivity measuring devices.
  • Charles, Leto, Baron head across Atlantic to LHC
  • Discussion with Charles about worldview
  • Helicopter over Geneva, Leto: “Get as close as you can without getting in trouble.” — 2 mi. west of Collider facility.


fenelthin pancakeparfait

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