A More Perfect Race

Bumble in the... uh, Dome?

Even with amnesty all over the place, High Justice and the Superior Army still get into a fistfight.

After the The General ordered Leto, Aurélie, and Baron to return to The Marinas Dome with Tim, the trio successfully completed their mission… Sort of.

Tim demanded High Justice go to the dome with him. The Superior Army was in full attendance when Tim, Justice and Leto entered the dome in the Heli-sub. Of course, the smiles and greetings didn’t last long. Before Tim (and sadly, Justice) could be treated to a tour of the facilities, the Dome went into power down mode. At first this seemed like normal procedure until the underwater enclosure was rocked with a warhead.

Leto, Tim and Baron quickly boarded a heli-sub and went into the water to find out who had fired on the Dome while Aurélie, The General and Justice tried to get some sort of visualization on the outside.

Entering the water, Baron, Leto and Tim quickly discovered three U.S. submarines where within firing positions of the dome. Inside, Justice showed Aurélie and the General something a little more troubling—roughly a gross of small drones trying to enter the Dome.

Leto’s group quickly moved the heli-sub behind the large submarines in order to take interest off the Sub and try to open communications. Other than draining a few drones and almost getting trapped by one of the Navy Subs, Leto’s crew had very little success.

Aurélie’s group was able to send Mork, Mindy and one of the General’s spider bots out into the water to gather data. They had little luck as well, but all of this commotion made Justice decide to pay a visit to one of the subs. Displaying a scary array of powers, Justice was able to enter the water and move without any submarine, enter the sub, and sent it teleporting away.

Returning to the Dome, Leto asked/ordered Tim to drain one of the other Subs, which was trying to escape. The Submarine nearly collided with the Dome, but narrowly stopped.

Back in the Dome, Aurélie and Baron quickly teleported into the disabled Submarine while Leto, Tim, the General and Justice argued and accused each other of random things. This arguing resulted in Leto blasting Justice and Tim almost force choking Leto. Justice also claimed he had no idea that there was a third Navy Sub, despite everyone else seeing the Sub and having no idea where it went.

Eventually High Justice and the General tried to get into a fist fight, but as previous attempts to shake hands had shown weird results when the two powerful men(?) tried to touch, this fight resulted in The General and High Justice trading bodies. With the General’s armor, Justice was able to call a Sub. He offered to take Tim back to the surface, then return to the Dome to “move in.” The General was having none of this Coup, and shot a giant blast at Justice.

The End.


fenelthin mendal

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