Tim Reynolds

The greatest healing and regenerative force on the planet


Theme Song: Unbreakable by Fireflight

Blood Type: O-

Current Sanity Level: 4 of 10

The lower the sanity level goes the more erratic and impulsive Tim’s behaviors become.

Stat Score Mod
Str 10 +0
Dex 14 +2
Con 30 +10
Int 16 +3
Wis 10 +0
Cha 10 +0
Saving Throws
Toughness +10 Fortitude +13
Reflex +5 Will +15
Defense +11
Attack +11
Name Rank Description
Life Control 11 By itself, life control simply acts as the nauseate power, allowing the wielder to disable an individual by causing extreme discomfort, pain, or even pleasure. With variances a number of other possibilities are presented. These abilities are granted by distributing the power points of life control to the various powers. The rank of that power is as though the same amount of power points were spent in it. Multiple powers can be used at once though power points must be split between them at the time of use.
Healing 11 By touch Tim can trigger the healing of himself or others as a standard action
Boost 7 By touch Tim can increase every single trait of an individual by the current rank. This includes himself as a standard action.
Drain 11 Drains any given individual trait by rank in power points as a standard action.
Regeneration (recovery) 7 Tim recovers from damage taken at a phenomenal rate. Each rank decreases the time necessary to roll to recover from damage by 1 level on the time and values table.
Regeneration (resurrection) 4 Tim is capable of resurrecting from the dead. A dc10 check is made at one week (move on the time and value table one value per rank). Upon successful rolling Tim will go from dead to unconscious.
Regeneration feats   On top of the other regenerative capabilities Tim is also capable of healing from damage that normally cannot be recovered. He also is capable of regrowing appendages that have been severed on a successful recovery roll. He also has the option of reassigning his hero points upon resurrection
Mental Shield 5 Through arduous mental training Tim has honed his mind to a state where he has much better control over his mental capabilities. As such he gains a +1 bonus per rank on willpower saves

Throughout his life Tim Reynolds has always thought of himself as a tad different. Quiet as a youth Tim was consistently picked on by his peers. Lacking confidence, he typically did not fight back as his assailants bothered him. His parents however, were fairly oblivious to this as Tim never once developed bruising, broke any bones, or in general, showed any signs of his abuse.

As Tim grew older his confidence grew as well. Eventually, he stood up to his bullies and much to his surprise (and even more so to his attackers) he was very easily able to disarm every one of them with minimal effort on his part. While not trained in combat he seemed to have a knack for anticipating what others were going to do. In high school he decided to put this talent to use and joined the wrestling squad.

While not the most popular player, he garnered himself the nickname of Gumby. No matter how Tim seemed to get twisted, slammed, or stretched. He always seemed to bounce right up and come back for more. He performed quite well, well enough in fact for his coaches to let go the fact that he ignored all of their dietary coaching and ate considerably more than even the fattest of his teenage peers ever seemed to consume.

Tim finally realized the true extent of his powers during a meet for a state competition his sophomore year. Little did he know, that his first challenge was up against a student named Devlin who got to where he was because his father paid off refs to turn a blind eye to his son’s dirty tricks. Not only were his tricks dirty but his tactics were ruthless, and his demeanor sadistic. At one point Devlin was able to get a successful pin on Tim, at which point he proceeded to put pressure on Tim’s neck with his knee. The pressure eventually proved too great, and Tim’s neck snapped.

Tim woke up in half an hour on the floor of the gymnasium. Every adult resent had been sure he had died. They were absolutely baffled at the way he now was able to be up and walking so shortly after, though they were relieved.

Tim was far more aware of the implications of what occurred at that time than anyone else could have been. He became very aware at all times of the inner workings of his own body. When injured he had felt as if he had been commanding himself to heal and as though his body had no choice but to obey.

Eventually he got to the point where he experimented with ways in which he could attempt to harm himself. Each time he would come up with a more extreme injury to inflict upon himself, even to the extent where he started severing his own fingers and toes, just to command them to grow back. During these formative years his body adapted and in coming to expect such punishment grew even more powerful than before.

A med student from the US studying abroad in Switzerland. The hospital he was placed at was called in to evacuate and aid the survivors of the LHC disaster. Tim has has his powers for quite some time but doesn’t know of anyone else on the planet having any super abilities.

Tim Reynolds

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