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Professeur Ansermet’s Notes

Professeur Jean-Philippe Ansermet regularly records his thoughts and processes in a journal he keeps in his office or on his person. Recorded here are his entries beginning with his encounter with Aurélie de Steiger as she reveals her incredible new abilities to him.


Having been unable to contact her personal number and receiving no answer rom her home number since I watched the horrifying accident on the tele, I am glad to learn Aurélie survived the disaster at the LHC. I was afraid she fell victim to the explosions. I shudder to think of trying to move on after losing such a brilliant student whom I think of almost as a daughter.

When she contacted me from London, I could have never been prepared to see her arrive in my lap through the receiver of my office telephone. This manner of transportation is the stuff of science fiction novels and television shows. To think that her involvement in the explosion would grant her such an ability is akin to things I read in comic books as a child.

In an attempt to log and quantify her ability, we did some field tests in my office. I set up a camera to review the footage later, but the film seems to have gone missing. It is most certainly amazing that she can even transport cargo of up to exactly 250lbs. with her. She simply requires a medium through with energy can travel.

She proposes that perhaps this process preserves the matter of her body by transforming into an associative amount of energy that passes through the medium and is transformed back upon arrival at her destination. The part that confuses us both is her ability to perceive and direct her motion during travel as this amount of energy.

Professeur Ansermets Notes

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