Aurelies Apartment

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Aurélie’s Apartment

Aurélie’s apartment is a studio apartment located not far from EPFL in downtown Lausanne, Switzerland. It has a small bed, a functional closet, a kitchenette, and a single bathroom. The apartment complex has cable tv and internet and a single land-line for her phone.

Aurélie has rigged an electrical rerouter to her apartment so in the event of a power outage, she makes use of the complex’s closed electrical circuit to power her entire room.

The apartment reflects Aurélie’s interests and personality. It is cluttered primarily with her many desktop and laptop computers as well as mechanical and electrical devices of varying shapes and sizes.

Aurélie has a personal interest in mechanical things and she has many small automatons with moving parts lying about. She is a bit scatter-brained, however, and many of her little creations are half-finished.

Aurelies Apartment

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