Tag: deceased


  • Orson Reginald King (Duke of Pentages)

    Orson King was a finance genius as a young man. In the 1970's Great Britain was suffering from bad financial decisions. The country nearly went bankrupt. Orson King was an executive officer of one London's largest banks. The Prime Minister at that …

  • Twyla

    Twyla looks like a 12 year old girl who integrated herself into Leto Hawkins' family. She set up a trap to try and apprehend Leto. She disappeared when Leto drove her into the ground with his control of gravity. She reappeared at the King Castle in …

  • Rupert Connors

    This mysterious man has personally spoken to Baron, Leto, and Tim. He has been seen at both hospitals in Geneva and has killed Orson King, Baron's father. He left his business card hanging midair at the King estate. Rupert brought the fight to the …

  • Radisson Tallesse

    Miss Radisson had been secretly harassing the heroes for some time. She would show up to nullify their powers so her fellow villains could escape. Radisson was killed after the fight at the King Caslte. Leto Hawkins shot her to get his powers back.