Orson Reginald King (Duke of Pentages)

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Orson King was a finance genius as a young man. In the 1970’s Great Britain was suffering from bad financial decisions. The country nearly went bankrupt. Orson King was an executive officer of one London’s largest banks. The Prime Minister at that time turned to the major financial institutions to formulate a plan out the financial crisis. Orson drew up a plan of action by himself and submitted it to the panel for review. Ultimately the panel approved of the plan and put King in charge of implementation.

Not only did the plan work quickly, but within 5 years the country was actually able to increase spending on certain projects. King’s plan is still in effect today and has actually been implemented in other countries and organizations.

In the mid-1980’s the Queen of England elevated King to the title of Duke of Pentages (Pen-TA-ges) for his dedication and loyalty to the country. Today King has more infuence than most members of Parliament.

Orson Reginald King (Duke of Pentages)

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