Leto Hawkins

A nobody with a superiority complex - who's suddenly found himself with power


Age 21

Height 185 cm (6’ 1”)

Weight 81 kg (180 lbs)


Leto is the epitome of every slacker and day dreamer. What he’s lost in training and education he more than makes up with raw wits and determination. While normally quiet in the face of authority or crowds, he has a dangerous ego and a bit of a superiority complex. He steadfastly believes he is meant to do something memorable with his life.


Leto graduated easily from high school, but his grades were nothing to cheer about. He had an average intelligence, but his ability to think on his feet allowed him to pass classes without doing much work. With no prospects for college, Leto moved on to doing whatever manual labor he could find to support himself while he searches for his destiny.


Father Michal Hawkins

Mother Debra Hawkins

Siblings Juda Hawkins

Leto was born to a factory worker and a postal office employee in rural Illinois. Neither Michal nor Debra were ever abusive or mean to their youngest son, but they weren’t supportive or very interested in his future either. They simply raised their son and gave him exactly what was expected, and nothing more. Due to this lack of advice or interest, Leto has floated through life, always wanting more but never knowing exactly how to get it.

While Leto floated through life and past the boundaries of his small town, his older brother stayed in a stale factory position. Juda never had Leto’s mental gifts, but he did have a strong back and thick arms. In his own way, Juda believes more in his family than Leto ever could.


Leto wants to be revered and remembered, he just doesn’t know what for. He believes in destiny, and wants respect and admiration more than anything. At such a young ago, Leto is just trying to find his way beyond his own town and family. Coming to such a far country was a fluke, but he followed it because it seemed serendipitous.


Leto enjoys crossword puzzles. He is a fan of mysteries, but he can usually guess the ending to most books or movies.

Recent History

Leto has changed quite a bit due to his sudden powers and recent events. Leto never wanted to hurt or kill anyone, but that moral objectivity has begun to fade and disappear. He understands that some people will not listen to reason or intimidation. Hurting these people and letting them go will only allow them the ability to come back and threaten Leto and his friends. So, Leto has begun to take out targets he deems too dangerous to live.

Of course, who fits into that range is up to Leto. Unfortunately, that range of killable targets is growing almost daily. Leto sees no real problem with killing Eric and his other friends in the Union. He also has no problem with putting people in jeopardy as long as it suits his needs.

Leto respects the General, even admires him. He has certain problems with the General’s methods-including using the stupid and depressed to experiment-but Leto truly believes this can be solved with a little conversation.

Just how far will Leto go to gain respect?

Leto Hawkins

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