Eric Gardner

A leader in The Union, Gardner resides in an apartment complex in Freedon City along with many other super-powered individuals.

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Eric is a member of The Union”.

Eric has the ability to create objects from his briefcase. Among items witnessed by the heroes were an illusion-generating device, snorkeling wetsuits, and pie.

The Marinas Dome Supercomputer lists his seemingly magical abilities as:
  • Interdimensional Operability – Briefcase.
    • Largest item yet: Sportscar
  • Hat: Super-Senses

Eric was hired out of college as a reporter for the Freedom City Times, and hailed as the best reporter on staff. Per the psychological evaluation records Aurélie pulled from the Times database, he grew gradually more displeased with his job and more depressed over the years until he finally walked out upon being offered a promotion.

He grew more eccentric over the years, his look becoming more disheveled and lazy until he began regularly wearing a wetsuit with his fedora. It has since been discovered that the eccentric behaviors are connected to a point in time where High Justice stole his body and with it much of his powers. The body that was then transferred to Eric Gardner is gangrenous causing a long term death sentence to Eric Gardner.

Eric Gardner

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