• Aurélie de Steiger

    Aurélie de Steiger

    A quiet, but brilliant graduate student attending EPFL. A mixture of her interest in physical sciences and fate brought her to the LHC as an intern.
  • Baron King

    Baron King

    Dashing and daring, he is the son of the Duke of Pentages in Great Britain.
  • Leto Hawkins

    Leto Hawkins

    A nobody with a superiority complex - who's suddenly found himself with power
  • Mindy


    A sentient android loyal to Aurélie de Steiger, Mindy is talkative and friendly, with a comically cute, feminine voice for an android of her size.
  • Mork


    A sentient android loyal to Aurélie de Steiger, Mork is smaller than Mindy, sporting four arms and exceptional movement speed and stealth. He speaks only a limited number of phrases.
  • Tim Reynolds

    Tim Reynolds

    The greatest healing and regenerative force on the planet