A More Perfect Race

The Great Bank Robbery

Our intrepid heroes came together at the local Geneva Hospital. Miraculously unharmed, Leto Hawkins, Baron King, and Aurélie de Steiger met up with Tim Reynolds. Tim quickly discovered that Aurélie possessed strange abilities—chief among them being two little robots. Freaky, huh?

After a bit of experimentation (and the near destruction of the hospital), it was quickly discovered that Leto possessed gravity control, Baron had some form of speed control, and Aurélie could do strange things with machines. While the rest of the group tried to think of a way to covertly exit the building, Baron was quickly assailed by a strange man in a metallic red business suit who seemed to be able to control the very structure of reality.

With the hospital being evacuated (mainly due to our heroes), our adventurers headed into the city looking for respite at the Hilton of Geneva where Baron was staying. There was a bit of a confrontation with a car dealer and some subway car riders (Leto suddenly discovered he could fly). Quickly alliances were formed and our group discovered even more destructive people (more destructive than our heroes at least) robbing a nearby Bank of Geneva.

The robbers group included two other… uh, super-powered people? A brother and sister called Rant and Rave. As well as possessing some strange reality-elongating power, Rant was also capable of projecting a sonic scream.

Despite the firepower and strange abilities, our heroes were able to subdue the gunmen and Rave. The would-be criminals were last seen making a getaway in a van that Leto had already flipped with his gravity blast. Tim also seemed to corrode the back tire of the vehicle. Rave let out another sonic blast, and a few of our heroes were stunned.

Who will be the victor in this strange conflict? Tune in next time!


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