A More Perfect Race

Hospital Confrontation

After our intrepid heroes attempted and ultimately failed to stop the bank robbery they needed to flee the scene before too many wandering eyes spotted them. They managed to avoid detection by slipping into a maintenance tunnel that actually led them to their ultimate destination, the Geneva Hilton.

Baron, Leto, and Tim managed to slip in unnoticed but AurĂ©lie caused a slight scene. Once up in Baron’s room our heroes began to relax a little until a troublesome snoop decided to pay them a visit. During the incident, Tim made the poor fool pass out multiple times before Baron eventually let the poor bastard go.

During their brief stay at the Hilton the heroes managed to see themselves on the news. In addition the man in the metallic suit took over the television signal to state that he wanted Baron to meet him at the teaching hospital or he would detonate an entire city block. Also during that time Leto’s family was also threatened if Leto did not return home to Freedom City.

So our heroes formulated a plan and began to set into motion. Leto took Tim to a building overlooking the hospital and Aurelie teleported herself and Baron to a building down the block. Leto, Tim, and Aurelie snuck into the hospital and found it to be wired with explosives. Baron went to confront the man in the metal suit. The three inside were unable to deactivate the explosions and were forced to flee while Baron was in the process of getting captured outside.

A helicopter appeared above Baron and dropped a trap on him to contain him. If not for the help of two other super powered beings Baron would have been taken for sure. As it turns out their are other super heroes out there and they are looking out for our heroes for now.

What is our heroes next move? Tune in next time to find out!


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