A More Perfect Race

Duking It Out

Baron's world is rocked, and subsequently, Leto's house and Professeur Ansermet's reality meet the same fate.

Tuesday evening—Hilton of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Tim made it a point to ensure everyone was okay, then proceeded to return to the place of his internship, the Hospital of Geneva South, to check in and help with the recovery of the remaining LHC disaster survivors.

Having been overcome with a sense of danger impending to his father, Baron insisted upon a visit to his mansion in London. Aurélie transported Baron and Leto one-at-a-time to a phone booth nearby the mansion, since the house line was disconnected. Upon arriving, a strange sense of altered reality overcame King, and he was forced to watch as the red metal suit man delivered a round from his pistol to the forehead of the young programmer’s father, Orson King.

Sensing that Tim’s personal phone was off, Aurélie immediately transported herself to his office phone at the Hospital of Geneva South, in hopes of bringing him back to London to revive Baron’s father, but he was nowhere to be found.

A vain attempt by Baron, Leto, and Aurélie’s Mork and Mindy to subdue the killer ends in a public display of some of their abilities. Fortunately, the public is easily convinced the whole show was part of a publicity stunt by the cast of a new Terminator movie.

The three heroes left the scene of the crime to spend the night at the Mariott of London, expensed by Baron. The suite was two separate rooms joined by a kitchenette. In Baron and Leto’s room, Baron began contacting relatives and getting things in order for the funeral of his father as Leto sat down to watch the news. In her room, Aurélie made a vain attempt to contact her professeur, who she is sure has been worried about her safety.

Wednesday morning

The following morning, Leto and Baron woke to a breakfast bar and helped themselves. After an early shower, Aurélie entered the kitchenette, grabbed a bagel, and joined the guys.

Baron convinced Leto that it was probably a good time to pursue information about Leto’s parents’ situation. Seeing that Professeur Ansermet was in the office by utilizing her newfound ESP, Aurélie took the opportunity to call him and subsequently join him in his office via teleportation.

Baron left the hotel and began his quick run across the Atlantic Ocean. Leto gained some altitude and quickly sped off to join King. The two arrived just outside of town, and after enjoying some slurpees, they approached Freedom City.

Wednesday afternoon—EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Meanwhile, at the professeur’s office, Aurélie and Ansermet were running some field tests on the young grad student’s amazing ability to transport herself through seemingly any form of digital or electric medium. With a camera recording and taking extensive notes, Ansermet watched in fascination.

Between the professeur and student of the Physical Sciences they were able to easily quantify Aurélie’s maximum transport capacity of people and objects other than herself at exactly 250 lbs.

Aurélie then introduced the professeur to her robot companions, further surprising the already amazed Ansermet. Mork proudly demonstrated several of his capabilities, and Mindy introduced herself shyly.

Ansermet invited Aurélie to lunch to discuss all that had transpired before he had to prepare for his classes and they headed to a café located on the campus.

Wednesday afternoon—Freedom City, Ohio

Back in Ohio, Baron and Leto had arrived at the home of the janitor’s parents. Upon their arrival they were met by Magnus Hawkins, Leto’s brother and told that Leto’s parents were having lemonade with their younger sister Twyla out back. Interestingly, even Leto did not know he had a sister.

Once inside the house, a strange sensation came over Leto and he no longer doubted that he really did have a sister. Having reached the back door, Leto made eye contact with Twyla and she tried to subdue him with a mental blast.

Luckily, Leto shrugged it off and tried out his gravity power on her. Twyla was too quick for him though and pulled his father in to take the attack. Twyla then attacked Baron’s mind, effectively removing him from the fight.

Leto attacked once again, but failed to connect. Twyla grinned and pointed out the helicopter hovering above Leto’s house. Leto used his gravity power to keep the helicopter at bay and finally succeeded at throwing Twyla into the air. From her position hovering above the ground, Leto swiftly brought her down and buried her, chair and all, into the ground. Unfortunately, the helicopter fell with her and crashed into the back of the house.

Baron, who had just come to his senses, and Aurélie, who just arrived via Baron’s phone, were able to escape injury from the falling chopper.

What will happen next? Tune in to find out!


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