A More Perfect Race

Base of Operations

Aurélie and Leto join Baron at his Miami Mansion to regroup their thoughts on their new abilities and research the Union.

Wednesday Morning—Freedom City, Ohio

Leto paced over to the hole in the ground where Twyla presumably landed. Peering into the center, he was unable to spot anything beyond the remains of the chair Twyla had been seated in.

Aurélie followed Baron to the front of the house, but the two stopped short when they heard a knock on the door. Aurélie answered timidly, only to be met by a man in a wetsuit carrying a briefcase. He introduced himself as Eric Gardner, and proceeded to head around back, followed by the curious two.

Back in the yard, Leto looked around with an annoyed frown for the little girl who posed as his sister. Spotting her hanging from a tree branch, he raised an arm and gently pulled her down via his gravity power and sat her on the ground. She grinned innocently, and vanished before Leto’s eyes as if she was only an illusion.

Gardner strode out of the house unphased by the presence of the crashed helicopter and stopped in the center of the yard. Setting his briefcase down, he opened it and a metal pole with a ball on the end rose from the open compartment. The ball flashed and in an instant a bubble appeared that covered the entirety of the yard.

Leto was the first to step forward and inquire of the man’s identity and intention. Eric introduced himself and proceeded to explain that he was part of an organization simply named The Union that tasked themselves with minimizing the world’s awareness of those with abilities such as the janitor, the programmer, and the grad student. As he explained, he closed and reopened his briefcase, pulling forth three wetsuits and offering them to the heroes.

“The wetsuits,” he explained, “are to make you appear as odd as the capabilities you have, so people are less inclined to wonder or approach you.”

Wednesday Afternoon—King mansion, Miami, Florida

Having arrived at the King Mansion in Miami, the three took the elevator to the second basement level.

Aurélie gasped in childish excitement at the bowling alley, pool, and expansive entertainment space when they stepped off the elevator. Mork tugged at Aurélie’s pant leg, pointing excitedly at the pool. After a hesitant nod of approval from Baron, with a thought Aurélie forwarded King’s permission to the little robot. He dived merrily into the warm water and began swimming laps.

  • Investigation of the coordinates on Rupert’s business card.
  • Leto contacts an armory contractor to pursue the purchase of armored suits.
  • Aurélie begins tweaking Mindy’s turbines to run more quietly and efficiently. Mork joins in to help.
  • Leto and Baron took off to the club to release some stress and have fun. Aurélie opted, unsurprisingly, to stay behind and continue to tweak Mindy.

Wednesday Evening—The Club, Miami, Florida

Wednesday Evening—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

  • Leto heads to his room. Baron takes two girls upstairs to the third floor master bedroom.
  • The girls sneak cuffs onto Baron and attempt to take his wallet.
  • Baron paralyzes one of the girls who was straddling him in her dainties. He suspends the other in the air by Telekinesis and she begins screaming.
  • Leto heads upstairs, hoping he’s hearing a distress cry and not simply rough sex.
  • Aurélie notices Baron tied to his bed on screen and turns her head embarassed, but upon a second thought, she examines the scene more closely and realizes King is in trouble.
  • Leto exits the elevator.
  • Aurélie comes through the camera and summons Mindy, who then approaches the floating girl and apprehends her with one hand.
  • Baron releases the other’s paralysis and Mindy scoops her up with her other hand as the con artist attempts to flee.


Wednesday Morning—[[Freedom City]], Ohio

Base of Operations
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