A More Perfect Race

The Approach

They are done waiting.

The four are tired of waiting. They are moving in. Tonight.

And He is coming with them.

Thursday Night—Lausanne, Switzerland

Leto Hawkins found his way from the university out to a street and managed to hail down the only taxi in sight. Having been given the address of his fare’s apartment in Geneva, the driver quietly directed his vehicle onto the intercity street.

The taxi rolled into the downtown Geneva area about twenty minutes later and Leto sat back arms crossed as he watched the blocks pass by. He noticed a figure on the corner watch the vehicle pass by. Interestingly, three blocks later he noticed an identical figure who watched the taxi as well. Once again, three blocks later, the same individual watching in the same manner.

Leto shrugged it off. It was no stranger than any of the wild encounters from the past few days. As the taxi stopped in front of his apartment building, Leto climbed out, noting the mysterious fellow approaching from down the street.

Leto entered the building and began climbing the steps. To his annoyance, he heard the door behind him open and a voice speak up. Turning around, he noted the man standing at the bottom of the stairs had a stiff, unhuman quality about him and a rather unanimated voice. He introduced himself as Double.

The man requested a half hour of Leto’s time to talk with a man he called “The General”. Leto’s distrust was apparent, and Double’s insistence quickly degenerated into a demonstration of power between the two. Appealing to Leto’s desire for vengeance against Twyla and Rupert Connors, Double offered him the opportunity to face them in battle.

Leto was hesitant for a moment, but his desire to put these individuals who messed with reality and his mind in their place swayed his decision to an easy “Yes”. Double and Leto took to the sky and quickly raced across the Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

Baron and Tim carried on a solemn conversation seated comfortably in the second basement of the King Mansion.

“But so far that’s all I’ve deduced,” Tim explained, “I don’t know how anyone could do such a thing. My condolences on the loss of your father, Baron.”

“Hey, I appreciate it. There is nothing so world-breaking as witnessing… well…” Baron stared past Tim at nothing in particular.

Tim watched Baron’s eyes. They seemed sad and distant. As he attempted to read the engineer, Baron’s eyes focused and widened in an instant.

“What? What is it?” Tim asked with a concerned expression.

Baron simply pointed. Tim turned his head to see what had struck Baron speechless. The unmistakable face of Rupert Connors grinned menacingly from one of the security monitor screens. Connors reached for the camera and the screen went static. Not moments after, Connors, accompanied by Twyla , again reached for the camera causing it to go static.

“Damn,” Tim muttered and stood, “What is he doing here?”

“Hell if I know. I think it would be appropriate to call in some backup.” Baron lifted his phone and called the number of the phone he left in the care of Aurélie.

Thursday Night—Aurélie’s Apartment, Lausanne, Switzerland

A familiar digital tune woke Aurélie and she blinked, staring at the ceiling. Surely she had only been asleep for a few tens of minutes.

Mork stood beside here, two of his arms outstretched offering her the ringing phone. Pressing the speakerphone button, she answered, “Hello?”

“It’s Rupert Connors. He’s here. How soon can you come?” Baron asked.

The tired grad student peered around the room, her eyes stopping on Mork and Mindy. She closed her eyes and stretched, then mumbled the response, “Moments.”

Mork put the phone back in his storage deck and strolled over to a computer where Mindy sat.

“Are we departing again?” Mindy inquired of Aurélie.

“It seems the red metal suit man, Connors, is at Baron’s mansion. I am going to help however I can,” Aurélie replied as she buttoned up her shirt and slipped on her shoes.

Mork climbed on top of Mindy. “Kay-O.”

Aurélie walked over to her robot companions, placed one hand in Mindy’s gargantuan palm, and the other on a desktop computer keyboard. With a thought, she and her mechanical convoy were standing before King and Reynolds.

Late Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

Late Thursday Night—The General’s Undersea Base, Pacifica Ocean

Late Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida


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