A More Perfect Race

A Deal With The Devil

they're in the dome...

Friday Night—The Marinas Dome

  • general walks off
  • aurelie finds rooms
  • travel by tram
  • each room is customized
  • leto and double discuss double’s past
  • aurelie delves into records on her history
  • baron researches records of his past—his father had similar abilities
  • tram to armory
  • orders suits and weapon upgrades
  • desk guy
  • leave armory
  • Leto, “When are you guys leaving?”
  • Mindy interference with tram traffic
  • dinner arrived
  • messages waiting at room
  • leto—meeting at 8am, tram at door
  • baron—9am
  • aurelie—10am
  • simulated sunrise for each, customized room
  • aurelie searching for info, propaganda on “the plan”
  • plan to push superpowered media into the news
  • warning lights—someone/something close enough to detect, dome powers down

Friday Night—Somewhere Over Miami, Florida

  • Tim in the box
  • attempts to free himself
  • goes underwater
  • breaks out, avoids capture by one-man sub
  • dies and floats up
  • shark drags his body towards the surface
  • wakes up on a dolphin and Boosts it
  • Dolphin says “Thanks”, takes him to Hawaii
  • Encounter with young kids, takes corndog
  • Gardner greets him and exchange + power demonstration
  • Union will provide protection
  • Reynolds divulges The General’s intentions
  • gardner jumps in briefcase, reynolds closes it instead of follows
  • Dolphin, “lol I hate that guy”
  • heads towards the nearest airport
  • elongates legs and runs fast
  • floats down a cliff and lands in a backyard
  • runs to airport, sits down, no wallet, “dammit gardner”
  • calls Baron, informs he might be captured

7:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • leto wakes, shower, breakfast
  • double joins, tram turns to couch, giant screen
  • discussion of Magnus, of the ideal
  • “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness”
  • offer—go get magnus, your time frame, your choice of means
  • discussion of gardner and what to do
  • questions the speed of the plot—A: “once all the pieces are in place, we will move swiftly”

8:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • baron wakes, eats, shower, tram
  • heads to dome, couch tram, “Good Morning”
  • Baron: “I have a question”—TG: “What can I do?”
  • Baron: “More information on utopia” - TG: “I seek equality, justice, fair treatment” - B: “At what cost?”—TG: “no cost, just paradigm shift”
  • TG: “Bring people forward” example of gun vs power blast, gun kills but people fear blast
  • “concerned with how you get there (plan)”—TG: “media outlets, LHC was great”
  • B: “How in my hands?”—TG: “How far will you go?” burning building example
  • sacrifice few to save many argument—TG: ”
  • TG: “My overall goal is to be fair across the globe, so you can run across the ocean whenever you like, so your friends can enter a park and enjoy the day.” ” Baron: “I can’t be a part of this”—TG: “pack, transportation in 2 hours”

9:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • *


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