A More Perfect Race

Bumble in the... uh, Dome?
Even with amnesty all over the place, High Justice and the Superior Army still get into a fistfight.

After the The General ordered Leto, Aurélie, and Baron to return to The Marinas Dome with Tim, the trio successfully completed their mission… Sort of.

Tim demanded High Justice go to the dome with him. The Superior Army was in full attendance when Tim, Justice and Leto entered the dome in the Heli-sub. Of course, the smiles and greetings didn’t last long. Before Tim (and sadly, Justice) could be treated to a tour of the facilities, the Dome went into power down mode. At first this seemed like normal procedure until the underwater enclosure was rocked with a warhead.

Leto, Tim and Baron quickly boarded a heli-sub and went into the water to find out who had fired on the Dome while Aurélie, The General and Justice tried to get some sort of visualization on the outside.

Entering the water, Baron, Leto and Tim quickly discovered three U.S. submarines where within firing positions of the dome. Inside, Justice showed Aurélie and the General something a little more troubling—roughly a gross of small drones trying to enter the Dome.

Leto’s group quickly moved the heli-sub behind the large submarines in order to take interest off the Sub and try to open communications. Other than draining a few drones and almost getting trapped by one of the Navy Subs, Leto’s crew had very little success.

Aurélie’s group was able to send Mork, Mindy and one of the General’s spider bots out into the water to gather data. They had little luck as well, but all of this commotion made Justice decide to pay a visit to one of the subs. Displaying a scary array of powers, Justice was able to enter the water and move without any submarine, enter the sub, and sent it teleporting away.

Returning to the Dome, Leto asked/ordered Tim to drain one of the other Subs, which was trying to escape. The Submarine nearly collided with the Dome, but narrowly stopped.

Back in the Dome, Aurélie and Baron quickly teleported into the disabled Submarine while Leto, Tim, the General and Justice argued and accused each other of random things. This arguing resulted in Leto blasting Justice and Tim almost force choking Leto. Justice also claimed he had no idea that there was a third Navy Sub, despite everyone else seeing the Sub and having no idea where it went.

Eventually High Justice and the General tried to get into a fist fight, but as previous attempts to shake hands had shown weird results when the two powerful men(?) tried to touch, this fight resulted in The General and High Justice trading bodies. With the General’s armor, Justice was able to call a Sub. He offered to take Tim back to the surface, then return to the Dome to “move in.” The General was having none of this Coup, and shot a giant blast at Justice.

The End.

Height of Diplomacy
Granted the opportunity of an audience with Tim, the Lieutenants are asked to investigate the LHC incident site as a favor to High Justice.

Sunday Afternoon— Telemetry Unified high rise office building

  • Discussion with Charles about Justice, and offer him a position
  • Meets High Justice
  • Agree to terms of meeting with Tim — Favor for Justice, Justice sits in on meeting
  • Helicopter lands on building roof
  • Aurélie de Steiger arrives at The Marinas Dome, speaks with The General about dismantling and re-use. Enters robotics lab to repair Mindy & Mork. Submits requisition for hazmat suits and radioactivity measuring devices.
  • Charles, Leto, Baron head across Atlantic to LHC
  • Discussion with Charles about worldview
  • Helicopter over Geneva, Leto: “Get as close as you can without getting in trouble.” — 2 mi. west of Collider facility.
Dissent Among The Ranks
Baron gives The General a second chance. The heroes attempt to bring Magnus back to the Marinas Dome, but are intercepted by Eric Gardner and The Union.

Saturday Morning—An airport in Hawaii

A Deal With The Devil
they're in the dome...

Friday Night—The Marinas Dome

  • general walks off
  • aurelie finds rooms
  • travel by tram
  • each room is customized
  • leto and double discuss double’s past
  • aurelie delves into records on her history
  • baron researches records of his past—his father had similar abilities
  • tram to armory
  • orders suits and weapon upgrades
  • desk guy
  • leave armory
  • Leto, “When are you guys leaving?”
  • Mindy interference with tram traffic
  • dinner arrived
  • messages waiting at room
  • leto—meeting at 8am, tram at door
  • baron—9am
  • aurelie—10am
  • simulated sunrise for each, customized room
  • aurelie searching for info, propaganda on “the plan”
  • plan to push superpowered media into the news
  • warning lights—someone/something close enough to detect, dome powers down

Friday Night—Somewhere Over Miami, Florida

  • Tim in the box
  • attempts to free himself
  • goes underwater
  • breaks out, avoids capture by one-man sub
  • dies and floats up
  • shark drags his body towards the surface
  • wakes up on a dolphin and Boosts it
  • Dolphin says “Thanks”, takes him to Hawaii
  • Encounter with young kids, takes corndog
  • Gardner greets him and exchange + power demonstration
  • Union will provide protection
  • Reynolds divulges The General’s intentions
  • gardner jumps in briefcase, reynolds closes it instead of follows
  • Dolphin, “lol I hate that guy”
  • heads towards the nearest airport
  • elongates legs and runs fast
  • floats down a cliff and lands in a backyard
  • runs to airport, sits down, no wallet, “dammit gardner”
  • calls Baron, informs he might be captured

7:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • leto wakes, shower, breakfast
  • double joins, tram turns to couch, giant screen
  • discussion of Magnus, of the ideal
  • “life, liberty, pursuit of happiness”
  • offer—go get magnus, your time frame, your choice of means
  • discussion of gardner and what to do
  • questions the speed of the plot—A: “once all the pieces are in place, we will move swiftly”

8:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • baron wakes, eats, shower, tram
  • heads to dome, couch tram, “Good Morning”
  • Baron: “I have a question”—TG: “What can I do?”
  • Baron: “More information on utopia” - TG: “I seek equality, justice, fair treatment” - B: “At what cost?”—TG: “no cost, just paradigm shift”
  • TG: “Bring people forward” example of gun vs power blast, gun kills but people fear blast
  • “concerned with how you get there (plan)”—TG: “media outlets, LHC was great”
  • B: “How in my hands?”—TG: “How far will you go?” burning building example
  • sacrifice few to save many argument—TG: ”
  • TG: “My overall goal is to be fair across the globe, so you can run across the ocean whenever you like, so your friends can enter a park and enjoy the day.” ” Baron: “I can’t be a part of this”—TG: “pack, transportation in 2 hours”

9:00am Saturday Morning—The Marinas Dome

  • *
The Approach
They are done waiting.

The four are tired of waiting. They are moving in. Tonight.

And He is coming with them.

Thursday Night—Lausanne, Switzerland

Leto Hawkins found his way from the university out to a street and managed to hail down the only taxi in sight. Having been given the address of his fare’s apartment in Geneva, the driver quietly directed his vehicle onto the intercity street.

The taxi rolled into the downtown Geneva area about twenty minutes later and Leto sat back arms crossed as he watched the blocks pass by. He noticed a figure on the corner watch the vehicle pass by. Interestingly, three blocks later he noticed an identical figure who watched the taxi as well. Once again, three blocks later, the same individual watching in the same manner.

Leto shrugged it off. It was no stranger than any of the wild encounters from the past few days. As the taxi stopped in front of his apartment building, Leto climbed out, noting the mysterious fellow approaching from down the street.

Leto entered the building and began climbing the steps. To his annoyance, he heard the door behind him open and a voice speak up. Turning around, he noted the man standing at the bottom of the stairs had a stiff, unhuman quality about him and a rather unanimated voice. He introduced himself as Double.

The man requested a half hour of Leto’s time to talk with a man he called “The General”. Leto’s distrust was apparent, and Double’s insistence quickly degenerated into a demonstration of power between the two. Appealing to Leto’s desire for vengeance against Twyla and Rupert Connors, Double offered him the opportunity to face them in battle.

Leto was hesitant for a moment, but his desire to put these individuals who messed with reality and his mind in their place swayed his decision to an easy “Yes”. Double and Leto took to the sky and quickly raced across the Atlantic Ocean.

Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

Baron and Tim carried on a solemn conversation seated comfortably in the second basement of the King Mansion.

“But so far that’s all I’ve deduced,” Tim explained, “I don’t know how anyone could do such a thing. My condolences on the loss of your father, Baron.”

“Hey, I appreciate it. There is nothing so world-breaking as witnessing… well…” Baron stared past Tim at nothing in particular.

Tim watched Baron’s eyes. They seemed sad and distant. As he attempted to read the engineer, Baron’s eyes focused and widened in an instant.

“What? What is it?” Tim asked with a concerned expression.

Baron simply pointed. Tim turned his head to see what had struck Baron speechless. The unmistakable face of Rupert Connors grinned menacingly from one of the security monitor screens. Connors reached for the camera and the screen went static. Not moments after, Connors, accompanied by Twyla , again reached for the camera causing it to go static.

“Damn,” Tim muttered and stood, “What is he doing here?”

“Hell if I know. I think it would be appropriate to call in some backup.” Baron lifted his phone and called the number of the phone he left in the care of Aurélie.

Thursday Night—Aurélie’s Apartment, Lausanne, Switzerland

A familiar digital tune woke Aurélie and she blinked, staring at the ceiling. Surely she had only been asleep for a few tens of minutes.

Mork stood beside here, two of his arms outstretched offering her the ringing phone. Pressing the speakerphone button, she answered, “Hello?”

“It’s Rupert Connors. He’s here. How soon can you come?” Baron asked.

The tired grad student peered around the room, her eyes stopping on Mork and Mindy. She closed her eyes and stretched, then mumbled the response, “Moments.”

Mork put the phone back in his storage deck and strolled over to a computer where Mindy sat.

“Are we departing again?” Mindy inquired of Aurélie.

“It seems the red metal suit man, Connors, is at Baron’s mansion. I am going to help however I can,” Aurélie replied as she buttoned up her shirt and slipped on her shoes.

Mork climbed on top of Mindy. “Kay-O.”

Aurélie walked over to her robot companions, placed one hand in Mindy’s gargantuan palm, and the other on a desktop computer keyboard. With a thought, she and her mechanical convoy were standing before King and Reynolds.

Late Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

Late Thursday Night—The General’s Undersea Base, Pacifica Ocean

Late Thursday Night—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

The Waiting Game
The heroes go about their business as Baron buries his father. Another sighting of Rupert Connors alerts the crew to investigate.

Thursday morning—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

Base of Operations
Aurélie and Leto join Baron at his Miami Mansion to regroup their thoughts on their new abilities and research the Union.

Wednesday Morning—Freedom City, Ohio

Leto paced over to the hole in the ground where Twyla presumably landed. Peering into the center, he was unable to spot anything beyond the remains of the chair Twyla had been seated in.

Aurélie followed Baron to the front of the house, but the two stopped short when they heard a knock on the door. Aurélie answered timidly, only to be met by a man in a wetsuit carrying a briefcase. He introduced himself as Eric Gardner, and proceeded to head around back, followed by the curious two.

Back in the yard, Leto looked around with an annoyed frown for the little girl who posed as his sister. Spotting her hanging from a tree branch, he raised an arm and gently pulled her down via his gravity power and sat her on the ground. She grinned innocently, and vanished before Leto’s eyes as if she was only an illusion.

Gardner strode out of the house unphased by the presence of the crashed helicopter and stopped in the center of the yard. Setting his briefcase down, he opened it and a metal pole with a ball on the end rose from the open compartment. The ball flashed and in an instant a bubble appeared that covered the entirety of the yard.

Leto was the first to step forward and inquire of the man’s identity and intention. Eric introduced himself and proceeded to explain that he was part of an organization simply named The Union that tasked themselves with minimizing the world’s awareness of those with abilities such as the janitor, the programmer, and the grad student. As he explained, he closed and reopened his briefcase, pulling forth three wetsuits and offering them to the heroes.

“The wetsuits,” he explained, “are to make you appear as odd as the capabilities you have, so people are less inclined to wonder or approach you.”

Wednesday Afternoon—King mansion, Miami, Florida

Having arrived at the King Mansion in Miami, the three took the elevator to the second basement level.

Aurélie gasped in childish excitement at the bowling alley, pool, and expansive entertainment space when they stepped off the elevator. Mork tugged at Aurélie’s pant leg, pointing excitedly at the pool. After a hesitant nod of approval from Baron, with a thought Aurélie forwarded King’s permission to the little robot. He dived merrily into the warm water and began swimming laps.

  • Investigation of the coordinates on Rupert’s business card.
  • Leto contacts an armory contractor to pursue the purchase of armored suits.
  • Aurélie begins tweaking Mindy’s turbines to run more quietly and efficiently. Mork joins in to help.
  • Leto and Baron took off to the club to release some stress and have fun. Aurélie opted, unsurprisingly, to stay behind and continue to tweak Mindy.

Wednesday Evening—The Club, Miami, Florida

Wednesday Evening—King Mansion, Miami, Florida

  • Leto heads to his room. Baron takes two girls upstairs to the third floor master bedroom.
  • The girls sneak cuffs onto Baron and attempt to take his wallet.
  • Baron paralyzes one of the girls who was straddling him in her dainties. He suspends the other in the air by Telekinesis and she begins screaming.
  • Leto heads upstairs, hoping he’s hearing a distress cry and not simply rough sex.
  • Aurélie notices Baron tied to his bed on screen and turns her head embarassed, but upon a second thought, she examines the scene more closely and realizes King is in trouble.
  • Leto exits the elevator.
  • Aurélie comes through the camera and summons Mindy, who then approaches the floating girl and apprehends her with one hand.
  • Baron releases the other’s paralysis and Mindy scoops her up with her other hand as the con artist attempts to flee.
Duking It Out
Baron's world is rocked, and subsequently, Leto's house and Professeur Ansermet's reality meet the same fate.

Tuesday evening—Hilton of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland

Tim made it a point to ensure everyone was okay, then proceeded to return to the place of his internship, the Hospital of Geneva South, to check in and help with the recovery of the remaining LHC disaster survivors.

Having been overcome with a sense of danger impending to his father, Baron insisted upon a visit to his mansion in London. Aurélie transported Baron and Leto one-at-a-time to a phone booth nearby the mansion, since the house line was disconnected. Upon arriving, a strange sense of altered reality overcame King, and he was forced to watch as the red metal suit man delivered a round from his pistol to the forehead of the young programmer’s father, Orson King.

Sensing that Tim’s personal phone was off, Aurélie immediately transported herself to his office phone at the Hospital of Geneva South, in hopes of bringing him back to London to revive Baron’s father, but he was nowhere to be found.

A vain attempt by Baron, Leto, and Aurélie’s Mork and Mindy to subdue the killer ends in a public display of some of their abilities. Fortunately, the public is easily convinced the whole show was part of a publicity stunt by the cast of a new Terminator movie.

The three heroes left the scene of the crime to spend the night at the Mariott of London, expensed by Baron. The suite was two separate rooms joined by a kitchenette. In Baron and Leto’s room, Baron began contacting relatives and getting things in order for the funeral of his father as Leto sat down to watch the news. In her room, Aurélie made a vain attempt to contact her professeur, who she is sure has been worried about her safety.

Wednesday morning

The following morning, Leto and Baron woke to a breakfast bar and helped themselves. After an early shower, Aurélie entered the kitchenette, grabbed a bagel, and joined the guys.

Baron convinced Leto that it was probably a good time to pursue information about Leto’s parents’ situation. Seeing that Professeur Ansermet was in the office by utilizing her newfound ESP, Aurélie took the opportunity to call him and subsequently join him in his office via teleportation.

Baron left the hotel and began his quick run across the Atlantic Ocean. Leto gained some altitude and quickly sped off to join King. The two arrived just outside of town, and after enjoying some slurpees, they approached Freedom City.

Wednesday afternoon—EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland

Meanwhile, at the professeur’s office, Aurélie and Ansermet were running some field tests on the young grad student’s amazing ability to transport herself through seemingly any form of digital or electric medium. With a camera recording and taking extensive notes, Ansermet watched in fascination.

Between the professeur and student of the Physical Sciences they were able to easily quantify Aurélie’s maximum transport capacity of people and objects other than herself at exactly 250 lbs.

Aurélie then introduced the professeur to her robot companions, further surprising the already amazed Ansermet. Mork proudly demonstrated several of his capabilities, and Mindy introduced herself shyly.

Ansermet invited Aurélie to lunch to discuss all that had transpired before he had to prepare for his classes and they headed to a café located on the campus.

Wednesday afternoon—Freedom City, Ohio

Back in Ohio, Baron and Leto had arrived at the home of the janitor’s parents. Upon their arrival they were met by Magnus Hawkins, Leto’s brother and told that Leto’s parents were having lemonade with their younger sister Twyla out back. Interestingly, even Leto did not know he had a sister.

Once inside the house, a strange sensation came over Leto and he no longer doubted that he really did have a sister. Having reached the back door, Leto made eye contact with Twyla and she tried to subdue him with a mental blast.

Luckily, Leto shrugged it off and tried out his gravity power on her. Twyla was too quick for him though and pulled his father in to take the attack. Twyla then attacked Baron’s mind, effectively removing him from the fight.

Leto attacked once again, but failed to connect. Twyla grinned and pointed out the helicopter hovering above Leto’s house. Leto used his gravity power to keep the helicopter at bay and finally succeeded at throwing Twyla into the air. From her position hovering above the ground, Leto swiftly brought her down and buried her, chair and all, into the ground. Unfortunately, the helicopter fell with her and crashed into the back of the house.

Baron, who had just come to his senses, and Aurélie, who just arrived via Baron’s phone, were able to escape injury from the falling chopper.

What will happen next? Tune in to find out!

Hospital Confrontation

After our intrepid heroes attempted and ultimately failed to stop the bank robbery they needed to flee the scene before too many wandering eyes spotted them. They managed to avoid detection by slipping into a maintenance tunnel that actually led them to their ultimate destination, the Geneva Hilton.

Baron, Leto, and Tim managed to slip in unnoticed but Aurélie caused a slight scene. Once up in Baron’s room our heroes began to relax a little until a troublesome snoop decided to pay them a visit. During the incident, Tim made the poor fool pass out multiple times before Baron eventually let the poor bastard go.

During their brief stay at the Hilton the heroes managed to see themselves on the news. In addition the man in the metallic suit took over the television signal to state that he wanted Baron to meet him at the teaching hospital or he would detonate an entire city block. Also during that time Leto’s family was also threatened if Leto did not return home to Freedom City.

So our heroes formulated a plan and began to set into motion. Leto took Tim to a building overlooking the hospital and Aurelie teleported herself and Baron to a building down the block. Leto, Tim, and Aurelie snuck into the hospital and found it to be wired with explosives. Baron went to confront the man in the metal suit. The three inside were unable to deactivate the explosions and were forced to flee while Baron was in the process of getting captured outside.

A helicopter appeared above Baron and dropped a trap on him to contain him. If not for the help of two other super powered beings Baron would have been taken for sure. As it turns out their are other super heroes out there and they are looking out for our heroes for now.

What is our heroes next move? Tune in next time to find out!

The Great Bank Robbery

Our intrepid heroes came together at the local Geneva Hospital. Miraculously unharmed, Leto Hawkins, Baron King, and Aurélie de Steiger met up with Tim Reynolds. Tim quickly discovered that Aurélie possessed strange abilities—chief among them being two little robots. Freaky, huh?

After a bit of experimentation (and the near destruction of the hospital), it was quickly discovered that Leto possessed gravity control, Baron had some form of speed control, and Aurélie could do strange things with machines. While the rest of the group tried to think of a way to covertly exit the building, Baron was quickly assailed by a strange man in a metallic red business suit who seemed to be able to control the very structure of reality.

With the hospital being evacuated (mainly due to our heroes), our adventurers headed into the city looking for respite at the Hilton of Geneva where Baron was staying. There was a bit of a confrontation with a car dealer and some subway car riders (Leto suddenly discovered he could fly). Quickly alliances were formed and our group discovered even more destructive people (more destructive than our heroes at least) robbing a nearby Bank of Geneva.

The robbers group included two other… uh, super-powered people? A brother and sister called Rant and Rave. As well as possessing some strange reality-elongating power, Rant was also capable of projecting a sonic scream.

Despite the firepower and strange abilities, our heroes were able to subdue the gunmen and Rave. The would-be criminals were last seen making a getaway in a van that Leto had already flipped with his gravity blast. Tim also seemed to corrode the back tire of the vehicle. Rave let out another sonic blast, and a few of our heroes were stunned.

Who will be the victor in this strange conflict? Tune in next time!


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